LP - Logic S.R.L.

SmartHealth technological development trajectory:

Biomedical, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics

Topics of interest:

Medical devices; marketing accessories and spare parts for biomedical equipment; specialised technical assistance for transportable biomedical equipment; repair of ultrasound probes, including TEE and 3D / 4D probes.

R3Place S.R.L.

R3place provides practical ECOnomics solutions for professionals who require components and spare parts in plastic material in a limited series that is not available on the market.

Research development and expertise allow the company to provide an integrated service to the customer, satisfying the needs of technical analysis and risk management.

University of Trento

The University of Trento plays a vital role in the clinical demonstration phase. The radiation protection characteristics of the filters will be evaluated through simulation tests. High standards of control will be ensured by the third-level qualified experts of Trento University because of their expertise about the issues of this procedure at the existing IORT installation at the Santa Chiara Hospital. Since the methods are highly complex, the involvement of the university’s calculation centre will be essential to conduct the simulation tests.